Activation of Phase 1 deescalation, from Monday 18 May

Activation of Phase 1 deescalation, from Monday 18 May

Activation of Phase 1 deescalation, from Monday 18 May


Free movement within the health region

You can move around the health region of residence freely without any time limit, except for walks and individual sports, which continue the time slots:

  • From 6 to 10 am: walks and sports activities for over 14s.
  • From 10 a.m. to noon: walks and sports activities for people over 70 and dependent people or people with disabilities.
  • From 12 noon to 7 pm: walks with children under 14 accompanied by an adult or over 14 years old. Maximum one adult with three minors.
  • From 7 to 8 pm: walks and sports activities for people over the age of 70 and dependent or disabled people.
  • From 8 pm to 11 pm: walks and sports activities for over 14s.

Personal sphere

Meetings of up to 10 people are allowed, indoors and outdoors, always maintaining the safety distance of 2 meters between each individual.


It is allowed to open terraces at 50% of their capacity. It is mandatory a distance of 2 m between each table and implement constant disinfection measures. This authorization is in addition to the one in force since May 4, which allows you to collect takeaway food in restaurants and hotels.


It is allowed to open shops of less than 400 m2 (or higher that limit the space reopened to the public in accordance with this limit) without prior appointment. The maximum capacity for shops will be 30% of the usual capacity of the establishment.


The opening of hotels and tourist accommodation is allowed, with the exception of common areas.


The opening of libraries, museums, cultural events and shows and hotels and tourist establishments.

Events and shows are allowed indoors with the occupancy of one third of the authorized capacity and with a maximum of 30 people in the audience. Also events in outdoor spaces with the occupation of one third of the authorized capacity and with a maximum audience of 200 people, always seated.


The practice of the sport remains as in the last days: individual and in specific strips. Professional and federated athletes can train on the facilities in special conditions.

Fishing and hunting

Hunting and fishing are allowed in all their forms, maintaining the safety distance and the hygiene and prevention measures set by the health authorities.

Places of worship

The opening of places of worship is allowed, with a maximum capacity of 30% of the usual capacity.


They are allowed but with a maximum number of attendees: 15 people outdoors; 10 people indoors. It is mandatory to wear a mask and maintain a distance of 2 m between each individual.

Occupancy of vehicles

Private and private vehicles with up to 9 seats can travel as many people as there are seats in the vehicle, as long as they all reside in the same home and it is not necessary to use a mask. If the occupants do not live in the same home, only two people can travel in a row of seats and with a mask.

Motorcycles, mopeds and other vehicles with two seats (driver and passenger) can travel 2 people as long as they wear a full-face helmet with a visor or use a mask, or reside in the same home. It is mandatory for the passenger to always wear gloves and also the driver only in the case of motorcycles and mopeds for shared use. Motorcycle protective gloves are allowed.

In vehicles with a single row of seats, such as vans, two people can travel but with a mask.

Public transport

The use of a mask is mandatory

On public passenger transport in vehicles with up to 9 seats (taxis and VTC) all available seats can be filled per row if passengers live in the same home. Otherwise, only two people can travel per row. No one can go next to the driver.

In buses and trains it will be necessary to leave a separation seat (only if the operator allows it, the people who live together will be able to sit together). On buses, the queue behind the driver will always be empty.


Recommendations are maintained for companies and workers for teleworking and for conciliation and reorganization measures to reduce mobility due to work activity. People who are unable to comply with teleworking conditions and have to travel to carry out their work activity must take into account the planned prevention and safety measures.

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