Disguised sardines about to come out of their can illustrate the Roses Carnival Poster

Disguised sardines about to come out of their can illustrate the Roses Carnival Poster

Roses will recover its most emblematic party this year after the cancellation suffered last year due to the pandemic. The Department of Festivities of the City Council is working on the necessary preparations and today the poster for this edition has already been unveiled. The Mayor of Roses, Joan Plana; the Councilor for Culture and Festivities, Èric Ibáñez; and the author of the poster, Job Fontes, presented it at the Municipal Theater.

The mayor of Roses, Joan Plana, pointed out that "after the decision to celebrate the carnival thanks to the commitment and drive of the groups, today we can now carry out the traditional presentation of the poster, an event that this year is loaded of a very special symbolism given the circumstances and uncertainty of the past months, which endangered our most iconic party, so we can recover a Carnival, which although it will not be absolutely the same as previous editions, we are convinced that it will be a very special and people will enjoy it. "

In this 2022 that is still marked by the health crisis, the creation devised by Fontes echoes the current moment and shows three sardines in disguise about to be released from their can. The bay, the beach and the seafront of Roses are the backdrop. The City Council continues with the tendency to show, with each new edition, the artistic vision that different designers, illustrators, illustrators ... can contribute of the Rosinc carnival.

Job Fontes, illustrator and tattoo artist, explained that in making the poster he has combined different elements of Carnival identity, such as sardines - which in Roses gain even more symbolism for the town's relationship with the sea and the world of fishing-, with aspects of the current moment, embodied in a can that represents in a humorous tone the situation of confinement and closure experienced in recent times. Fontes remarked that "I also wanted to place the scene from a seaward side to the ground, showing the bay and the first line of buildings, thus also giving prominence to a unique building and very important for Roses as is Ca l'Anita ".

El póster presenta este afternoon que es el ubiquitous imagen del Carnival 2022 en Rosas y el ilustrará todas las campaignes y promocional material que el City Council cargas de cada edición para la diseminación de la parte.

Regarding la celebración del Carnival, Èric Ibáñez remarcó que "desde las preventivas medidas están en fuerza, los eventos son los danzas en el marco que no se debe a esta edición. bien closed sonido donde sólo las ganges registered en el past se puede acceder, a las ganges ha been claiming para el largo tiempo."

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