EnBonaMà affiliated with the CBRAI real estate group since 2014

EnBonaMà affiliated with the CBRAI real estate group since 2014

EnBonaMà affiliated with the CBRAI real estate group since 2014

What is Cbrai? COSTA BRAVA REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION, is an association of local real estate agencies in Roses and near Roses, created in 2012 with the aim of uniting and creating synergy between consolidated professionals in the sector and giving them support in the real estate market that is complicated and changing to say the least. The collaboration system is governed by a code of ethics and internal regulations, which provides transparency and security in the purchase and sale operations, both to the buying and selling parties, as well as to the agencies involved in the operation.

EnBonaMà has been an active member of this real estate group since 2014. It's been 10 years now!! and many clients have entrusted us with the sale of their properties in the modality of multi-exclusive contract Cbrai.

What advantages do I have if I sign a multi-exclusive Cbrai with EnBonaMà? By giving our agency the sales mandate and the keys, your property will be offered and promoted by the 33+ agencies of the group! But don't let this scare you, quite the opposite! we want to make it easy for you, only EnBonaMà will contact you in everything related to the sale, only EnBonaMà will have the keys to your property,  You won't have to sign contracts here and there and leave keys in various agencies whose employees sometimes you don't even know, or they change every couple of months and in the end you never know who enters or leaves the house because what if something happens... Who are you going to address? At EnBonaMà we are a small work team that has been consolidated for years, which is an agency with a "family" treatment of the old, the traditional ones, where we will receive you with professionalism and closeness ;).

As a buyer are there also advantages? Of course!! Tell us what you are looking for and we will take care of doing the search, sending you the links, the information you need and organizing the visits... You will also save yourself from having to contact agencies everywhere, introducing yourself to them each time, repeating over and over again what you are looking for or need... Delegate this task to us and trust in the process, we will take care of everything.

Not convinced yet? We invite you to contact us and ask us your questions.






+34 616 718 830 +34 616 718 830
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