Measures for the containment of COVID-19 applicable from 9 May in Catalonia

Measures for the containment of COVID-19 applicable from 9 May in Catalonia


It is recommended that travel outside the home, as well as traffic on public roads, be limited as much as possible, respecting the individual and collective protection measures established by the competent authorities.


Social activities

Limitation is 6 people in social gatherings unless they are cohabitants. However, family and social gatherings and / or gatherings that take place indoors, including homes, are recommended to be restricted as much as possible and limited to visits to dependent or vulnerable people. and that they are always of the same bubble of coexistence.



Telework should be done, except when it is not possible.

Congresses, conventions, fairs and similar activities by express authorization of the Procicat.



Terraces:  open from 07:30 to 23:00 with a minimum signposted distance of 2 meters between diners at different tables or groups of tables. Limitation of 4 diners per table or table groupings, except in the case of bubble groups.

Interiors:  open from 07:30 to 23:00 with 30% of the capacity, with good natural or forced ventilation and with a minimum distance of 2 meters between diners of tables or groups of different tables. Limitation of 4 diners per table or table groupings, except in the case of bubble groups.


Cultural activities

Hours until 11 pm : cinemas, theaters, circuses, auditoriums and concert halls, with 50% of the capacity and a maximum of 500 people, or 1,000 if the ventilation is reinforced. Also open museums, libraries and exhibition halls at 50% of the capacity.

You can resume:  popular and traditional culture activities, galas, awards ceremonies and festivals. Attendees must remain seated and the same seating limitations and ventilation recommendations from the previous point must be respected.


Commerce and shopping centers

It maintains 30% of the capacity in small shops, establishments and shopping centers and non-sedentary markets that can also open on weekends regardless of their activity. General opening hours until 22:00, except for cohabitation shops and commercial establishments attached to petrol stations, which can be opened until 23:00.



Indoor and outdoor sports facilities and equipment: 50% capacity. Without ventilation and air quality reinforced limitation to 6 people and use of mask in group activities. The use of changing rooms is allowed.

Competitions: allowed the international, professional, state categories and competitions that give access to them, in addition to the regular leagues of any age. In these competitions, except for basketball and professional football, the presence of the public is allowed with the limitation of 50% of attendees always with a pre-assigned seat. Assemblies of sports organizations with a maximum of 500 people or 1,000 with reinforced ventilation are also allowed. 


Recreational activities

Civic facilities:  activities are permitted for those over 60 with a maximum of 50% of the authorized capacity if it is certified that the spaces and premises meet the reinforced ventilation and air quality conditions.


  • Fairs and amusement parks:  resumption of activity with a maximum capacity of 30% on the authorized area.
  • Playgrounds  with a capacity of 50%.
  • Indoor playful children's spaces  with a capacity of 30% and no restoration.
  • Games rooms, casinos and bingo halls  can open with a capacity limitation of 30%, with a maximum of 100 people, guaranteeing minimum ventilation. If they have reinforced ventilation systems according to regulations, the maximum is extended to 250 people (within the 30% capacity limitation). Guests must be located in groups of up to 6 people and a distance of 2 m between different groups. 

Universities and schools

Universities  in face-to-face theoretical activities, the increase in restricted simultaneous attendance up to a maximum of 30% of the students of each university may be considered.

Baccalaureate, training cycles, ESO, primary, infant and regulated special education:  full attendance.

Authorized adult training centers, language, music and dance schools : measures to reduce attendance.

Extracurricular activities:  allowed extracurricular, leisure and sports activities from kindergarten to high school and training cycles that take place inside or outside schools with a maximum of 6 people (except those that preserve the bubble group).

Allowed trips and departures from the school with overnight stays as long as they do not break the bubble group.

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