The Trail Cap de Creus celebrates the most vindictive birthday after the fire that devastated the Natural Park

The Trail Cap de Creus celebrates the most vindictive birthday after the fire that devastated the Natural Park

The Trail Cap de Creus celebrates the most vindictive birthday after the fire that devastated the Natural Park

Last July the fire burned the month of 415 hectares of forest land in Cabo de Creus between Port de la Selva and Llançà. Our hearts wept with helplessness as the flames erased part of paradise. Human stupidity again; the main hypothesis that will cause the fire is a badly extinguished cigarette butt thrown on the road. No cigarette butt or not, natural disasters have happened this summer. Fires with torrential rains. The climate emergency is a reality and only a cynic could deny it. The Trail Cap de Creus reaches its tenth edition with little to celebrate and much to claim.

Klassmark remains true to its principles. There is no other method possible. The races must be safe and sustainable. The minimum priority has to be the environment, environment and environment. They are the organizers and the runners who must adapt to it. If the Cabo de Creus Trail runs out of registrations, it is not because of the arches and inflatables at the start and end, it is because of the incalculable beauty of a fascinating nature park. Those lucky enough to get a bib, the places were limited, they will enjoy a pure and true trail running route. For this reason, and after last summer's catastrophe, paradise will experience its most vindictive birthday.

Roses will also crown we camped from the MISSIONx3. The prestigious Klassmark mountain racing circuit will propose a journey from heaven to sea. Then, from high heights of the Ulldeter Trail and the mid-mountain of the Catllarás Trail, the steep cliffs of the Cabo de Creus Trail will host the outcome of the trilogy. Mess ingredients of emotion for three routes that give the participant the opportunity to know the heart of the Costa Brava in the best possible way: current.

The organization has divided the program into two days to ensure the safety of all those present. For this reason, we will experience strong emotions from Saturday, September 18. At five in the afternoon there will be a shot of sortieda the 11.4 kilometers with 560 meters of positive unevenness of the Express. A fast race that crowns Puig del Águila and Puig Alt to return to Roses. Sira Angulo and José Pagés arrive as leaders of the MISSIONx3. In the men's fight the competition will be wild because names like Ivan Moreno and Rajiv Marroig also aspire to the title, while Jan Torella will join the party looking for partial victory.

This Sunday, September 19, the day will start at eight in the morning when the Marathon runners take the stage. 44 kilometers with 2,100 meters of positive elevation gain to connect the most emblematic points of Cap de Creus. From the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes and Port de la Selva you can appreciate the land scorched by fire. The tour also visited Cadaqués and crosses the wonderful HOLDS of Jóncols, Pelosa and Montjoi. Raul armchair will try to find the three of three to close a perfect MISSIONx3. Miriam Moreno is the favorite for the women's title, but the victory in Roses seems more complicated with the presence of names like Tina Bes.

The Distance Trail will close a spectacular weekend. 22 kilometers with 1100 meters of positive slope that will come to life from nine in the morning. The tour also crowns Puig del Águila and Puig Alt to end up connecting with the Shingles of the Holden. The regularity of Evacris Llobat and Julen Calvó puts them in the best position to storm the MISSIONx3 crown in a race where riders such as Arnau Aranda, Eli Gordón or Jonathan Mora promise strong emotions.

Gone is that 2012 we it from Klassmark team set foot in paradise for the first time as organizers. The Cap de Creus was special. If it was for them, Tamed might be for others. They followed their intuition and here they are, at the gates of the 10th anniversary. The race has become a benchmark on the national trail running calendar. A thousand and one battles have been fought, but this story goes beyond competition. The Trail Cap de Creus will bring together runners of different levels but with the same goal: to enjoy trail running at its best. Without love and respect for the environment this would not be possible. Trail running would not exist.

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